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FASTrack® Cloud is an online exam simulator and study tool that’s built to accompany RMC’s exam prep materials and classes. Our original design, created with the assistance of a psychometrician, simulates the actual exam with great detail. Use online tips to guide you through full exam simulations and study modes that allow you to take exams by specific exam topic areas and keyword/concept.

Although the exam simulator subscription can be purchased alone, it is more effective to use with RMC’s other exam prep materials including eLearning courses, flash cards, and most importantly, exam prep books. FASTrack exam question tips reference related page numbers of the corresponding exam prep book. The combination makes a powerful tool designed to focus study on your weak areas and reduce overall exam preparation time.

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This 20-25 question demo allows you to explore the exam interface. Please note that the demo will not score your results nor allow you to review your answers. After demoing, you will be presented with example screens of the exam review and stats interfaces, not your actual results.